Arling and Cameron

Arling and Cameron

Sound Shopping


Dutch duo Arling and Cameron return with seven tracks (and three remixes) of spotless pop dance numbers, the type of music that elicits visions of brightly-colored polyester and being outdoors in the park in the early fall. Equal parts stringbeat popfest and modern dance anthems, Sound Shopping delivers a far shinier set than the last couple of Arling and Cameron outings I’ve heard, especially on tracks like “Bimi Mix,” which pauses its frenetic pace in order to enjoy a potato chip or two in between shaggy blasts of guitar riff. “Cowboy Ska” reminds me a bit of those early Camper Van Beethoven instrumental numbers, except for the deep Devo voice intoning the song’s title now and again. “Tokyo Taxi Robot” is all about Tokyo taxi robots, and the Kraftwerk-inspired music bed is appropriately menacing as we rocket through dimly lit unnamed side streets. “Jealousie” is a gentle shimmering pop piece, with stylistic touches lifted straight out of Bachrach and David.

Overal, Sound Shopping is quite a strong album from one of the most interesting forces in “dance music” these days. Filled with childlike glee and serious beats, it’s an infectious and positive album, suitable for just about every mood.

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