A Bum Note and a Bead of Sweat

Last Beat

The only song really worth listening to on this album is “Closer,” and that’s only party because it comes with a Quick Time video. In general, this is your typical middle America garage band trying to make their way in the world of music. Personally, I wish them the best of luck, but their sound is nothing we haven’t heard before. A breakdown of the songs makes it even more obvious what the problem is: the music is good and original enough, but the vocal accompaniment makes for a regrettable marriage of sound and words. In track seven, “Kamikaze,” the main lyrical adventure ends with “kamikaze” being screamed over and over by what sounds like a bunch of drunk frat guys doing really bad karaoke, and it only gets worse from there. This is far warning that unless you are a personal friend of the band and know something I don’t about their genius, buyer beware.

Last Beat Records, 2819 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75226;,

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