12K: Year.1 – Year.4


For those of you who jumped on the simplicity bandwagon a while back, now you also have a soundtrack. The most simple music I’ve ever heard, made from the literal sounds of our everyday lives. Clicks, hums, beeps, and beats all extended and computerized to make a musical adventure beyond description. To try and explain the avant garde genius that is Chronologi would never do it justice — you must hear it to believe it. 12K: Year.1 – Year.4 is a musical masterpiece of nothingness in its most compelling state. Devoid of mastery beyond machines, it’s a virtual staircase of sound and imagination. This CD is so original that I feel as if my collection has been totally incomplete without the two-disc set. The majority of the songs are slow starting and remain low in sound, so this wouldn’t exactly be the thing you’d want to take on an airplane to drown out the noise, it’s more something you’d play while working on a paper or painting. It’s freeing and releasing, and if that’s not enough, each CD has a short film containing the photography and direction of a guy I now think is of total brilliance, Dan Abrams. Forget Feng Shui, get 12K.

Instinct Records, 26 W. 17th St. #502, New York, NY 10011;,

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