D. A. Sebasstian

D. A. Sebasstian

D. A. Sebasstian

Go Kustom

The man from Kill Switch Klick hits with a dark industrial disco solo show. It’s Depeche Mode on a killing spree. It’s pulling me back in time to when I used to stay up all night dancing under black light, looking bored but moving to the beat. It moves into some red velvet lounge-like snap, like on the song “Isabella Rossellini,” with the great line, “Isabella Rossellini/In a blood red Lamborghini/Driving hard like Steve McQueenie,” but the delivery somehow reminds me of a bad Red Hot Chili Peppers song. It’s got a bit of that white boy rap moving through the dark dance floor beats, and that’s pretty much as scary as it gets.

Go Kustom, PO Box 77750, Seattle, WA 98177; http://www.go-kustom.com

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