David Candy

David Candy

Play Power


The man from The Make-Up hits strange and solo. A crazy beat bongo groove introduces this concept, and then suddenly, you’re into some strange spoken word Rod McKuen meets Austin Powers hippie pop love scene. It’s not what you are expecting, but as you listen, you start to like it, and once you’ve heard… you know when it will be perfect to play. You know, sometimes you’ll be sitting with a friend or by yourself, probably a Saturday afternoon, cool and sunny, thinking about hitting an afternoon beer, and you’ll throw on the third song, which moves like a soft Jim Morrison ballad, just smooth and rolling and subdued, like a summer waiting to happen. That’s what this album is. Warm weather. It’s a mix of spoken word that hypnotizes and instrumental grooves that just make you float forever.

Jetset, 67 Vestry Street, New York, NY 10013; http://www.jetset.sinner.com

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