Deep House Culture

Deep House Culture

Various Artists


Only the truly serious fans of house music should concern themselves with this three-CD release. Each of the three discs is mixed by a different DJ (DJs Scooby, Nissan, and Ram), all with similar styles. Stemming from the early days of the evolution of house, most of the music here is not too far removed from disco, in a period long before the progressive influence of Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx was felt. All tracks have the signature 1-2-1-2 deep bass grooves over what appears to be largely 1980s-era pop and R&B outtakes and B-sides. Listening to the whole set straight through is certainly a challenge, but it would make a fun addition to your next ’80s/disco party.

Hypnotic, 13428 Maxella Ave. #241, Marine Del Ray, CA 90292

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