Sunrise in Eden…


Solid continental symphonic metal of an operatic nature. Vocals are performed by Sabine Edelsbacher, a women whose voice is perfectly balanced by power metal guitarist, Lanvall. Apparently, Lanvall is another one of the European guitar gods that’s know the world over except in the USA, as we’re provincial. On sitar they have Gandalf•

The presentation is almost over-the-top: there’s a lot of style in the packaging, but the music isn’t overwhelming to the point that it’s an adventure game put to power metal. This is mostly evident in the songs, they’re all of a New Age “spiritual” theme rather than bombastic stuff about fighting against dragons and such. “Cheyenne Spirit” is about American Indians and the oneness they have with the earth and such, “Sunrise In Eden,” “Wings of the Wind,” and “In The Rain” are nature-worshipping songs; “Midnight At Noon” seems to be about an ill-fated hurricane party and “My Last Step Beyond” is about that final adventure, death. I get the picture.

Sensory Records; http://www.lasercd.com, http://www.edenbridge.org

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