Gun Barrel

Gun Barrel



This album kicks major league ass! Gun Barrel are (from the looks of the promo material) from Germany and they’ve been photographed wearing fighter pilot garb, circa about 60 years ago. What they sound like is Motörhead conducting a full-length experiment in power metal. In other words, a lot like an Iron Maiden greatest hits record• Like I said, the album kicks ass, twelve songs worth.

The title track and “Only A Passenger” are strait-ahead gritty, melodic power metal while “For All Like You” sure does sound like an AC/DC “ballad” — you keep waiting for the thing to pick up speed, which it does, and rocks hard. “Straight Down to Hell” and “Take Me to the Highway” will make good biker anthems.

LMB Music, Postfach 60 25 20, 22235 Hamburg, Germany;

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