This Dollar Saved My Life at Whitehorse


A really honest, rocking album from Tiamat frontman Johann Edlund. That would be Tiamat, the Swedish metal band, one day they’re goth, then it’s death metal, gothdeathmetal. OK, with that aside, I gave the album a couple of spins and really enjoyed it. It’s dark, but it’s “dancey” and does, as I mentioned, rock. I was happy to find out that this is exactly what was intended, to wit: “…I felt like recording an album that’s more representative of the fun side of rock music. No deep messages, no special meaning…only straight forward rock songs that entertain and serve all the usual rock cliches.” Yeah, like hot goth chicks, cars, money, clothes — in a word, hedonism. Thus are explained songs like “Baby Come on (She’s a Devil of a Woman),” “Thousand Million Dollars in the Fire,” “U Can Have All My Love 2nite,” and the disgusting (unless you’re into two-headed chicks) “Annabel Lee.” The real gem on the album, however, is Lucyfire’s cover of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man.” It’s done electro-goth metal style (oooh, I’ve coined a new sub-sub-sub genre!) and it should grab everyone’s attention and make the rounds of the goth dance clubs this summer.

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