Mammoth Volume

Mammoth Volume

A Single Book of Songs by Mammoth Volume

The Music Cartel

Can’t quite remember Mammoth Volume’s preceding eponymous debut, but I can tell you this much: their latest, A Single Book of Songs by Mammoth Volume, is only slightly more exciting. Keg-party fodder for sure, A Single Book of Songs sees the Swedish quartet once again praying at the nearly side-by-side altars of Thin Lizzy and Jethro Tull alike, this latest batch of songs eking out an identity slightly more distinct than the previous batch, and one that attempts to one-up the untouchable Hellacopters at their own game. Fancy-pants “we care a lot” packaging (there’s my Faith No More reference for the year) or not, though, we don’t need a single book of ’70s rock retread any more than we need another bunch of ganjed-up longhairs trying to shake a bellbottom in The Hellacopters’ way (one and the same, some might say), that band instigating the charge backwards into analog-only times, and understandably, yet to be bested. Bound to cause ripples in certain sectors • namely, because of Mammoth Volume’s frequent forays into hookah-hazed prog-bong waters, hence their listing on the ambivalently aligned site • but as for me, I just got no time•

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