American Style


These three guys at least look likeable. On the back is a pic of three dudes standing next to a van who don’t take themselves so seriously as to fly to LA for a photo shoot. Their cover of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” is interesting, but doesn’t develop, and is quickly identifiable as just a cheap novelty to turn heads. Guys: if you want to accomplish something cool, do the whole damn thing. Maybe it is the whole thing, I don’t know. As predicted, their original music (if you can call it that) cuts in immediately following a few bars of it — as to say, “We’re just joking, we’re just like everyone else.” At times, the music is raw and energetic and sounds authentic. By “authentic,” I mean they don’t sound like they are necessarily trying to be something they aren’t. I would rather hear more covers of Strauss than the alternateen sloppiness. They eventually end up sidetracking into some sort of repetitive crap, and then right back into something clever, only to destroy it by drifting back into normalcy. It’s mostly on the choruses that I lose my interest.

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