Monster Movie

Monster Movie

Monster Movie


When I listen to Monster Movie, I feel the strangest desire to stare endlessly at my shoes. I don’t know what it is about reverb, feedback, overdriven guitars, and soaring vocals that makes the damned things so attractive.

This EP is Monster Movie’s promising debut. It features 20 minutes of varied takes on the shoegazing aesthetic. “Ooby” and “Crash Landing” are fairly straightforward guitar-pop with light touches of distortion and simple, crooning male vocals. “Every Time I Wonder” and “Street Lights” cover similar ground, but with alternating female vocals and slightly heavier guitars. “Rovaniemi” stands out among the song-based faire of the rest of the EP in its abstraction. It’s filled with rich, thick layers of keyboard drones, disembodied voices and thick guitar processing; and is a nice, adventurous piece.

The EP doesn’t offer much that hasn’t been done before, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a mighty pleasant bit of shoegazing.

Clairecords, PO Box 61495, Jacksonville, FL 32236;,

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