Novasonic Down Hyperspace

Novasonic Down Hyperspace

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OK, so what if Novasonic Down Hyperspace worships at the altar of Spiritualized/Spacemen 3? Spiritualized has yet to come up with the official follow-up to Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space, so in the meantime, someone needs to be there to fill in the void, and it might as well be these guys. Don’t expect Novasonic to become as big as Spiritualized anytime soon, they’re operating at about 1/1000 of their budget (that’s approximate), but if they play their cards right, they might end up on a Volkswagen or Gap commercial by their fourth LP.

The band’s first LP was released on the now-defunct Audio Information Phenomena label out of Philly, which at first led me to believe that they were from Philly, but I’ve since learned that the band actually hails from Lansing, IL, and is active in the Chicago music scene. On their second album, Novasonic has placed a layer of glacial ice over the proceedings. The album cover features winter landscapes, and the songs themselves seem to glide along in a manner that might suggest that the album was recorded in the dead of winter, in the cabin depicted on the back of the CD. You can practically see the ice crystals forming on the guitars at the beginning of “Drive That.” The songs themselves for the most part are not very structured or catchy, like Spiritualized can be, but instead drench you in a soothing blanket of sound.

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