NYC Takeover Volumes 1 and 2

NYC Takeover Volumes 1 and 2

Various Artists


Pretty cool idea here, courtesy of the fine folks at Victory Records: round up your bigger bands, record ’em live in NYC (on October 22, 2000, to be exact • must’ve been a matinee), and among each band’s respective four tracks, include fan faves and unreleased/new material alike, NYC Takeover being just that. On Volume 1, we get the Slayerific All Out War, the Lifetimed Reach the Sky, and the Dag Nastiness of Grey Area; on Volume 2, the thuggish Skarhead, the burly Buried Alive, and the tepid River City Rebels. Not too essential, but capably recorded, and a cause worth backing.

Victory Records, PO Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614;

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