Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore

Home Wreckordings 1997-1999

Knitting Factory

Thomas Dolby has said that he thinks in the future, music will basically be divided into slick major label productions and independent recordings made in someone’s bedroom. If these home projects are going to sound anything like Rebecca Moore, then bring ’em on! Rebecca Moore has created a dense, luscious, beautiful album, all self-recorded in her home. Who needs a band with this much talent? With elements of rock, classical, jazz, and noise all wrapped in a poetic wrapper Home Wreckordings is a terrific listen, recalling the works of The Velvet Underground, Azalia Snail, PJ Harvey, Tara Jane O’Neill, and even Marilyn Manson. We’d all be better off with more Rebecca Moores and fewer Britneys and Christinas.

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