Hydrology Plus 1+2


In my decade-plus of religiously scouring delete bins, probably the one record I’ve seen littering more Wal-Marts than Moist’s Silver, Ajax•s One World, or (ahem) Black Sabbath’sDehumanizer (sadly, no Jane Wiedlin’s Fur yet) is Recoil’s Bloodline, Depeche Model Alan Wilder’s solo project • well, maybe not as much as bandmate Martin Gore’s Counterfeit EP. But after hearing Recoil’s Hydrology (originally released in 1989, but recently reissued with the “1+2” single), I just might have to finally pick up Bloodline for 99 cents. A pleasing piece of minimalist electro, almost old-school to a point (hey, it was recorded in ’88!), Hydrology Plus 1+2‘s five songs in 70 minutes build slowly yet obviously, taking at least a good 10 minutes before anything resembling a beat enters the picture, if at all. Pretty ambient, but with a pulse, and certainly not the least bit danceable. Keep your eyes open for this four years down the line • in a budget bin, I mean.

Mute Records, 140 W. 22nd St., Suite 10A, New York, NY 10011;

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