Rock N Roll Au Go Go Volume 3

Rock N Roll Au Go Go Volume 3

Various Artists

Devil Doll

Boy, this is some gnarly shit. About as subtle as a tequila hangover, the four bands here — Spitfires, Napoleon Blownaparts, Strutter (no, not the Kiss tribute band), and The Dexateens rock like men on death row with nothing left to lose. Of the bunch, the Blownaparts come off the best, if only by virtue of better production. They sorta sound like what The Offspring would if they grew hair near their privates. Otherwise, this is that nifty hybrid of punk and straight-up rock and roll that never seems to really die, but never really seems to get any better, either. The Dexateens are a little more power chord crazy than the rest, and that ain’t a bad thing. Great music to play when you wanna drown out that dragging muffler on your Monte Carlo.

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