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Trance Collective

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Another day, another trance CD, right? Even though the market seems drenched with “trance” artists carelessly spawning albums full of mindless music, there are still quite a few record companies who don’t let the media influx into the trance style affect them. Enter Neurodisc, which has remained true to its underground roots from the get go. The latest feat from the brains behind the brawn is the much awaited Trance Collective. Featuring the top selling and most in demand Euro-trance artists currently on the scene, this compilation CD takes the imported price out of fine imported music. With seamless mixing and a mind opening selection of sounds, Trance Collective surpasses other trance albums on the market for its sheer imaginative and addictive movement. I could dance, drive, clean, sleep, and fight evil to this without even the smallest bit of difficulty. Showcasing artists like Pulp Victim, Stef, Solid Sessions, and Refresh (responsible for the total remix of the hot weather anthem “Summer Breeze”) it’s a sure bet for someone just getting into trance music, or someone who has virtually every trance CD available. Perfect for those moments when you want to interrupt the seemingly impermeable silence in your life with something meaningful and still fun. I actually ended up listening to the whole CD straight through the very first time I put it in; there just never seemed to be a good place or reason to stop it.

Neurodisc Records, PO Box 450997, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33345;

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