The Anubian Lights

The Anubian Lights

Naz Bar

Crippled Dick/EFA

I have no idea where this EFA distro company came from — they seem to specialize in German wares. What I do know is that they’ve yet to distribute a clinker, and The Anubian Lights are no exception. Info on the band is scarce, but they seem to hail from LA, which puts them squarely into the geographic radius of the bubbling erotic sound pulsating from the likes of DJ Me DJ You. The Anubian Lights fill hooky loops with subtle details, from the underwater wave of “Epsilon” to the stringbeat swagger of “Smoke And Mirrors.” Taking care to build songs layer by layer and then gleefully phasing through all the possible combinations seems to be a favorite pastime here, and I must say I like it a lot.

Crippled Dick Hot Wax! :; EFA:

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