Two Man Advantage

Two Man Advantage

Don•t Label Us


Could there be a more appropriate time than during the heat of the Stanley Cup Finals for Two Man Advantage to slap this 17-track punk rock puck between the posts? Of course not! The hockey-obsessed punks• brand of •80s-harcore-influenced punk would certainly make a better soundtrack for a reel of ice highlights than that horrible Lifehouse song the NHL•s using in this year•s •Cup Crazy• promos, as Don•t Label Us• driving beat and thrashing guitars are much more evocative of the high-speed, bone crushing action you expect to see this time of year. And with song titles like •Zamboni Driving Maniac,• •New Season,• •Pass The Puck,• •The Sweep,• •Old Tyme Hockey,• •H.O.C.K.E.Y.,• and •Hall Of Fame,• you certainly know the lyrics are apropos to the game (if not always for general audiences). Before you write 2MA off as one-note, you should realize they appreciate the other fine things in life: beer (•Let•s Drink•), fast cars (•Hot Rod GTO•), and aggressive music (•Broken Bottle Rock & Roll•), but the hockey songs are this band•s heart and soul, and their devotion to the game is impressive. I•ll be cranking this one up while I cheer for the Avs to take out the Devils, all the while knowing that next year will be the Lightning•s year for sure!

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