Venice 13

Venice 13



We’ve always heard about judging books by their covers, but does the same go for a CD? If this record does nothing else, it proves that the outer appearance of a disc says very little (if anything) about its contents. The cover art, a 3-D skull with dinosaur-like spikes protruding from its menacing head, is reminiscent of a death metal band or a pretty hardcore rap group, but surprisingly, they are both and neither of these. Kicking the album off with the powerful, high-energy track, “Juice,” Venice 13 sets the stage for the continuation of the arresting sound developments that take place over the next fifty-odd minutes. Donning baggy jeans and baseball hats, these guys could be anyone, and indeed, they are. In an extreme nutshell, musically, it’s Prodigy, only younger, more aggressive, and less vocally talented (I mean, come one, who could ever think of anything as creative as “I’m a firestarter” repeated forty times in under six minutes?). If you liked their style, you’re probably going to identify with what Venice 13 is going for on this album, and for any aggressive techno-dance fan, this is a cool new disc to spin during your next mental breakdown.

Neurodisc Records, Inc., PO Box 450997, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33345, Tel: 954.572.0289, Fax: 954.572.2874;

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