Windy And Carl

Windy And Carl



Sigh. I love Windy And Carl. For me, they epitomize the Kranky aesthetic and fall at the forefront of the post-Spacemen 3 snorcore drone movement. For about eight years now, Windy And Carl have quietly made beautiful and warm ambience with guitar, bass keyboards and vocals.

Consciousness is a step in a different direction than Depths, their previous release on Kranky, in that they’ve moved away from some of the more self-conscious darkness. Consciousness hearkens back to the dreamy drone bliss of Antartica. “Elevation” is a perfect example; its warm, cottony bed of sound reminds me of “Desiderium” off of Maeror Tri’s Myein CD (arguably some of the best ten minutes in all of the droneage I’ve ever heard).

I’ve no complaints at all about Windy And Carl. If it takes them two years to record something of this caliber, then fine, let them take their time. I’ll be off on a cloud somewhere, listening to Consciousness.

Kranky, PO Box 578743, Chicago, IL 60657;

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