Special K – Red Berries Edition

Special K – Red Berries Edition

Those are very clearly freeze-dried strawberries, impossibly red planes of dehydrated fruit floating amidst the flakes. There’s HUGE strawberries tumbled behind the obligatory spoon and product at the bottom, like boulders fleeing a glacier. But you need to look closely, at the clinical description, to see that this is indeed “Crunchy Rice and Wheat Flakes with Strawberries.” Why is the cereal titled “Red Berries” — does Kellogg’s plan include leaving its options open, in case they need to replace a failing strawberry crop with raspberries?

Anyway, this is pretty good as far as freeze-dried fruit goes. In a way, the perfectly sliced sheets of strawberry taste exactly like astronaut ice cream, and the Special K — sweet, but not too much so — provides a good base for the tart little morsels, especially if you let it all soak long enough. If you’re the type that enjoys fresh fruit in your cereal, you’ll enjoy Special K – Red Berries Edition, despite your most basic instincts. Consume with whole milk.


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