Sound in the Round

Eighth Dimension/Shadow

Orlando native and hip-hop/acid jazz impresario BMF carries his renowned sets at The Sapphire Supper Club’s Phat N’ Jazzy night over to the recording studio. Like cleansing your palate from all the funky breaks, pop trash, and generic rock nonsense that dominates much of the music scene in O-town, Sound is the healthy alternative to your listening needs. Featuring all the major players in town, including Beef Wellington and Q-Burns Abstract Message, BMF’s latest mix grooves with R&B, hot jazz, hip-hop, and nearly as much funk as Bootsy Collins.

“Feeling Fantabulous” by Wellington, featuring the verbal intellect of MC Swamburger, is prime cut audio, with a free flowing style comparable to both DJ Cam and Jurassic 5. So whether you’re getting your swerve on at home with the opposite sex or just kicking it at the club, Sound in the Round should nicely complement either scenario. More compilations like this should come out to prove wrong all those with preconceived notions about Orlando’s music scene. It’s fun, it’s funky, and it definitely won’t be used as a coaster like other Orlando artists’ CDs.

Eighth Dimension/Shadow Records, 26 West 17th Street, #502, New York, NY 10011;

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