Comin Correct

Comin Correct

In Memory Of

Triple Crown

He of the unusually long, non-hardcore locks and tattoo body-armor, 25 Ta Life throat Rick Healey returns for another round of HC mayhem with his Comin Correct project. An album lyrically centering around lost friends and family (especially his father, Robert Healey Sr., who died of cancer before the album’s recording), In Memory Of largely succeeds more for what it doesn’t do than what it actually does, and that’s not a slight in the least, because in this case, the two are more or less intertwined. Instead of polkaing away into oblivion like their hapless hardcore contemporaries, Comin Correct favor stompin’, fist-pumpin’ mid-tempos rooted in rock n’ roll • but never sounding too much as such • and unlike those same contemporaries, their songs exceed two minutes • three minutes, even! • thusly evidencing that the quartet are keen on full-fledged songwriting as opposed to the usual sketchwriting. And with Healey’s venomous spit (particularly on “No Time to Lose,” where he over-enunciates the chorus: “But as for me, I got no time to l-ow-oooze!“) guiding the violence in a discernible, albeit surprisingly catchy direction, In Memory Of is a frenzied furnace of fun, with a rollicking cover of 7 Seconds’ “Young •Til I Die” to boot.

Triple Crown Records, 331 W. 57th St., PMB 472, New York, NY 10019;

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