Daughters of the Revolution

Daughters of the Revolution

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The Daughters are a relatively new Gainesville, Florida three-piece that have put out this full-length D.I.Y. CD themselves. To say that the music is hard to describe is an understatement, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

While describing a band as the sum of its parts is difficult, on this occasion, indulge me. For the rhythm section, imagine an amalgam of The Cramps and The Mothers of Invention. A diabolical transplant operation has taken the fingers of Brian Setzer, on a permanent amphetamine rush, and placed them into the body of a singer whose vocal chords have been supplied by The Reverend Horton Heat and The B-52’s Fred Schneider. With lyrics frequently provided by channeling Frank Zappa.

Oh, and I left out the free jazz and hardcore punk. This is interesting, fun, rocking, and challenging. And all those reference points are just that • the band doesn’t much sound like any of those bands in particular. About the only downside is that it was recorded in a warehouse (aside from some live cuts), and pretty much sounds like it was recorded in a warehouse. One can certainly hear everything, and it’s not distorted or anything, but the sound is typically somewhat thin from recording on a budget. Buy this so these guys can afford to get into a recording studio, because this is good stuff.


A version of this review also can be found in the July edition of Moon Magazine.

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