Django & the Regulars

Django & the Regulars

Laying Low and Inbetween


Billed to sound like a cross between Tom Petty and Elvis Costello, to these unrefined ears this band sounds like neither of those artists. Instead, the sound of Django and the Regulars evokes the music of Whiskeytown circa Strangers Almanac, albeit with more of a pop inflection. The songs on Laying Low and Inbetween are concise stabs at pop heaven that cover the range of bad dreams (“12 Gauge Microphone”), sychophants and status climbers (“Dumbed Down”), and lost loves (“Sooner”). Musically, the band has been labeled with the unfortunate tag of “jangle-pop.” While the music incorporates melodies and guitar playing that recall elements of early R.E.M. or The Byrds, this should not detract from the fact that Django and crew are willing to cut loose with searing rockers as well as heartfelt ballads with low key strumming. Upon repeated listenings, Laying Low and Inbetween reveals itself to be a memorable and catchy album full of punchy melodies and plenty of hooks. It also reveals Django & the Regulars to be a talented pop band.

Alyosha Records, 105 4th Ave., #4R, Brooklyn, NY 11217;

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