Droo Church

Droo Church

In a Pasture Built For Lovers

Hall Of

More rock than punk, but more punk than not. This band hits from Seattle and hits hard, throwing down a gritty, grungy, dirt road driving mix of sound. The second song, “You Gotta Be Kidding,” reminds me of a Southern hard rock “Time Warp”• something in the vocals• but then it moves, and sways, with a slight twang and a healthy swagger. Almost bordering on dirty gutter country, but at the same time holding on to a healthy West Coast rock. Sexy snarl in the rhythm, and songs that make you want to hit the bars, with a drink and a smoke, or get in the car and hit the road. Bourbon road trip blues, moving as fast as the highway.

Hall Of Records, PO Box 69281, West Hollywood, CA 90069, http://www.hormusic.com

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