Goo aka Le Gooster

Goo aka Le Gooster



I’m hesitant to attach a “post” label to this unique hip-hop, because post-anything gives a record a hipster reputation that it may or may not be deserving of. But in the Gooster’s case, these Elements are the just the exhumed resources needed to revitalize my faith in such experimentation. A close relative to the stylings of France’s DJ Cam, Elements is an uptempo saga featuring all the heavy-hitters in the industry, hip-hop, funk, jazz, electro, dub, and country (just kidding). “Shot” literally smokes your psyche with its Meat Beat Manifesto meets Miles meets Herbie Hancock sound.

Cam even drops by for a visit on “The Greatest,” a pitter-patter trip-hop, sample-ridden number guaranteed to get some heads bobbing. But this might even be the David to every other track’s Goliath, as cuts like “Double Trouble” and the choppy “BBMQ 2001” provide more than enough muscle to support the record. Forget “post” this or “experimental” that. These Elements are just plain-old essential for your progression, whether you’re a listener or an aficionado.

Shadow Records, 26 W. 17th Street, Suite #502, New York, NY 10011;

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