I knew I’d hate this music just by the guy’s haircut on the cover. Poseur •70s Beck crap. Wah-wah pedal and fake funkiness. Drum loops. Make it stop. The first song is called “So Spaced Out.” Once again, I am praying that people who make music this mediocre are just joking. He also considers himself “freaky” and does some breathing overdubs just before the guitar solo. There’s plenty of badly-recorded percussion here, pseudo-ethnic people banging on pots and pans. Let me mention this guy’s hair again: it’s a rat’s nest, like some kind of retro jerk that impresses all the girls in high school by looking bad on purpose. It’s almost as stupid-looking as that singer from The Black Crowes. The music all stays in one key and basically goes nowhere. Of course, he’s from Los Angeles. This is what happens when business and music get in a fight and business wins.

PO Box 1546, Los Angeles, CA 90078;,

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