Jim Camacho

Jim Camacho

Trouble Doll


The inside of the cover catches your eye: it’s a girl with pink hair and a tattoo on her arm. What does this have to do with the music? Maybe she’s a band member’s girlfriend. Nevermind, nothing. On the back, there’s four guys standing on a beach. Could these be the guys in the band? What does it mean when four guys stand on the beach? I don’t know. What makes them different from four other guys in a band standing on a beach? Nothing. I knew I’d hate this CD, too. This guy’s voice is just as pretentious as everything else out there. By pretentious, I mean that he is trying to evoke emotions that aren’t really there for the sake of sounding good. He successfully jumbles the lyrics enough to sound artsy. For all I know, the lyrics are talking about toilets and turtles; I’ll never know, he tries to sound like a mixture between Bono and Neil Diamond. This music all stays in one key and has a 4/4 drum beat. I can appreciate the fact that these guys aren’t out blowing up buildings and killing people, but I don’t think mediocre crap like this should be manufactured and purchased. It’s basically a big rip-off of U2. In fact, one of the guys in the band wears those same glasses and leather pants as Bono. No doubt he’s the singer. How is this at all creative? I wonder how much their shirts cost them.

Broken Records, PO Box 64-1011, Miami, FL 33164; http://www.jimcamacho.com

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