Joe Turley

Joe Turley

When the Jitterbug Bites


Quite the rollicking rockabilly-swing, er, “swingabilly” record from one Joe Turley, who appears to be the Brian Setzer of piano, keyboards, harmonica, alto sax, and percussion. Eleven winning, get-out-of-your-seat numbers that are tight, clean, and certainly fun for the whole family. I’m no jazz historian, but I bet I’m right in guessing that each song is a tribute to some major influence/star from the old days (for example “Ginga Ginga Din” is a tribute to percussionists and Louis Prima). Every song “rocks” in the sense that this kind of music is designed for crazy dancing and attracting babes. I mean, the whole album is a steaming soundtrack to a 1940’s cartoon about a wolf in a zoot suit, “go cat, go,” etc.

Boogietime Records, PO Box 148924, Nashville, TN 37214-8924.

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