Juno & The Dismemberment Plan

Juno & The Dismemberment Plan

Split EP


This interesting EP splits in more ways than one. Obviously, it•s split in that it has two bands on it — two tracks from the ever-sublime The Dismemberment Plan bookending two tracks from DeSoto labelmates Juno • but it•s also split between originals and covers (each band does one of each), and between previously released and unreleased material (the two original songs were issued as a European seven-inch last year, but make their debut on CD here).

Trivia aside, this is a good way to sample two vital and exciting bands. The Dismemberment Plan•s frenetic, driving, and ironic •The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich• is the EP•s strongest moment, Travis Morrison•s rapid-fire delivery threatening to tumble over on itself at any moment as the band sets an undeniably danceable groove. Their cover is Jennifer Paige•s •Crush,• and is a complete contrast to their original track here, all slow, stark, and mournful. Both tracks are wonderful.

This being my introduction to Juno, I was pleased to discover that their tracks are almost as exciting as The DP•s. •Non-Equivalents• is a solid indie rocker, earnest and strident, while their cover of DJ Shadow•s •High Noon• is inventive and fresh, its atmospheric guitars and chimes (do I hear vibraphone?) playing against its insistent drums, making for an interesting combination of Sonic Youth, The Mercury Program, and •Boys Don•t Cry•-era Cure. Again, both tracks are wonderful.

Fans of either band should enjoy this EP, and it•s also recommended to anyone that•s heard the buzz on these bands (or who is just interested in hearing two of the best bands on the indie scene today) • it•s a great introduction to their work.

DeSoto Records, PO Box 60932, Washington, DC 20039; http://www.desotorecords.com, http://www.bosski.com/juno, http://www.dismembermentplan.com

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