Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

Ride The Skies


All hail! All hail! The Providence Freek Rock Explosion is going to sweep you away, motherfuckers!!!

Lightning Bolt is a bass and drum duo that rules the school. Imagine if The Ruins had grown up on Minor Threat, DNA, and The Contortions instead of Magma, and you’ll have a clue about where they’re coming from. They throw out ugly grooves, frenetic, ass-shaking rhythms and warbling waves of feedback that’ll wreck your head.

They’re one of the cornerstones of the Fort Thunder Collective from Providence, Rhode Island. From what I understand, Fort Thunder is a loose bunch of weirdoes from The Rhode Island School of Design who love the obscure, chaotic and noisy. See Arab On Radar, Forcefield, and Mr. Brinkman for examples. See also, Black Dice.

Messier than your life. I love it.

Load Records, PO Box 35, Providence, RI 02901;,,

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