Linda & the Big King Jive Daddies

Linda & the Big King Jive Daddies

Linda & the Big King Jive Daddies


At first glance, this looks like just another hackneyed, clichéd swing band of the type that•s popped up in the wake of the success of The Brian Setzer Orchetra, Cherry Poppin• Daddies, and others, down to the name of the band, the •40s garb they wear on the album cover, and the fact that the record is all covers of swing standards, from the ubiquitous •Jump, Jive An• Wail• and •Route 66• to •Mellow Saxophone• and •Caledonia.• But something seems different, and it•s hard to put your finger on it until you look a little closer and realize that Linda & the Big King Jive Daddies are… JAPANESE! Yep, this 9-piece big band is straight outta Nagoya. You•d almost never guess it listening to the music: shy of the slight accent that creeps into Linda•s otherwise fine vocals, this is an authentic, American-sounding record — perhaps not earth-shattering, but certainly capable and tight. It•s impressive when you think about the fact that this music isn•t part of the band•s cultural heritage, but judged by American ears on its own merits, it won•t knock any socks off, especially after being over-exposed to a few years worth of zoot suit rioters. But still, from a •world culture• viewpoint, the fact that this record even exists is downright fascinating.

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