Now Or Never

Maharahj’s second and latest LP is called Repetition. That’s pretty dam accurate, because Maharahj’s uglier-than-sin metalcore does indeed utilize repetition-repetition-repetition, the quintet repeating and contorting passages at the most inopportune of moments and, similarly, those you least expect it • that is, unless you’ve listened to the album nigh ten times, but even then• — throwing a wrench into the rusty machine and leaving it there to stay and stutter, sparks flying everywhere and, most of all, in your unwilling face. It hurts. Man, does it ever hurt, Repetition not so much paying attention to the current post-Dillinger Escape Plan idiom of noisecore as it completely subverts it, somehow landing closer to death-grind or black metal in terms of sheer visceral overkill, but upping the “art” factor considerably. Again, it hurts. And I’m not going to the sick ward, so let Repetition ring on. Beautiful, in a (sick) sense.

Now Or Never Records, 61 Riordan Place, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702;

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