Nikka Costa

Nikka Costa

Everybody Got Their Something


With a famous relative (Frank Sinatra’s her godfather) and a sound that has eluded her for much of her life, Nikka Costa exploded into the music scene partly in thanks to a Tommy Hilfiger commercial last summer, but now, with the release of her first full length album, Costa is hotter than ever. The can’t get out of your head single “Like A Feather” is indispensable, and the perfect mix of fun and substance. A truly positive album about real life, Everybody Got Their Something can make you move and make you think, and don’t dare call it pop. While the media likes to hang on the aviator glasses and mane of red hair surrounding Nikka’s presence, the music is what really sets her apart. A mix of Fiona Apple-esque spirit and Lenny Kravitz experimental sounds, Costa brings a refreshing relief to the passive pop drenched airwaves. One of a kind in every way possible, Everybody Got Their Something hasn’t spent a day outside of my stereo since I got it. Hip-hop and blues fans will feel the collaboration and soul in the depth of the music, Pop fans will catch the funky dance flavor, and grrrl music fans will dig the total bad ass attitude that’s woven into every song in a very feminine way. This is the first of what I think will be many creative projects from Nikka Costa, and by the end of her reign, nobody will be asking “Nikka Who?” Don’t let this disc float past you; if you buy only one CD this month, make it this!

Virgin Records America, 338 N. Foothill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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