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Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen, Vol. 3

Various Artists


“Under the radar” is a phrase that comes to mind when you think of most of the groups on this compilation. Unless, of course, you’re versed in the careers of Green Pajamas, Jenifer Jackson, Neilson, Hubbard, Fonda, Waltz For Debbie, or Vitesse. Without college radio, the Internet, or indie record stores, it would be unlikely that even a handful of folks would know about these groups. (These are halcyon days, ahh, progress.) Obscurity aside, this is a stellar comp. For the millions of certifiably crappy comps that CMJ, Magnet, and a host of indies put out each year, there will be a few worth listening to. (The rest would serve better as coasters.) Darla’s, SpinArt’s, and March’s come to mind. Parasol’s newest Sweet Sixteen CD ranks up there with these. Combining the releases of Parasol, Hidden Agenda, and Mud, there’s enough pure pop for now people on here to covert the crustiest of post-rockers to melody-minded music. Standout tracks include those by Adam Schmitt, Bettie Serveert, and Vitesse. (The last of which has been thoroughly schooled in Stephin Merritt’s college of synth-pop). Needless to say, Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen, Vol. 3, selling for roughly five dollars, is well worth the price.

Parasol Records, 905 South Lynn St, Urbana, IL 61801;

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