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Sundays Vol. 01

Various Artists


Downtempo in its true form – so addictive it should be an indulgence. This is transportation set to music, the result of a journey into the depth of the human voice and the effect of smooth slurred instruments is nothing other than Sundays Vol. 01. Collected and blurred together in this compilation are some of the most creative and verifiably different downtempo artists and works. E.D. Swankz, Telefuzz, Gavin Froome, and The Verbrilli Sound join forces to bring the musical equivalent of hours of yoga to our overworked American ears. No longer just famous for maple syrup, Canada is home to a slew of the best downtempo artist and record labels, Nude Recordings included. If you enjoy downtempo music, Sundays Vol. 01 is without question a must have; suspended in space and time, this collection brings everything that downtempo should be into reality, and the end result is like a beautiful rainy day at the shore – cool, crisp, fresh, and peaceful.

Nude Recordings, 3575 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 129, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 2T7

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