Chasing The Dragon


Who is this? Is this Right Said Fred? No? Oops. For some reason, I expect to hear that line, •on the catwalk•,• but no such luck. The problem with this album is that it tries too much to be all things to all people. The opening track, •Good Day,• has that Nine Inch Nails-flavored heavy dance beat. The second track, •East Side,• has a Spacehog-type retro glam rock feel. Who is that on the third track, is that a Radiohead outtake? The fourth track kinda has that new school punk sound, a la Blink 182, but with an annoying keyboard running through it. This isn•t to say this is a bad album. It has its charms in a very, very guilty pleasure type of way. If only the lead singer didn•t sound so much like he was trying to be a rock star. By the way, track eight, isn•t that the song, •88 Lines About 44 Women•? No? Oops.,

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