The Horns of Hattin


Chivalric hardcore that’s more on the upbeat ska side than I’ve heard in their previous work. Don’t get me wrong, the songs still have the sting of battle in their titles and punk melodies, but somewhere down the line, these dudes must’ve gotten happy, and it’s reflected in their songs! Granted, they’ve themed everything around wearing chain mail, running into battle with big, red crosses on their chest, bayonets fixed and all, but I did detect that someone’s in a good mood. I will be fair and say that the initial track (“Video Age”) begins with what sounds like a well-tested French knight praying for a bloody victory in battle or perhaps swearing allegiance to his troops before sweeping into Jerusalem or something… Whatever it is, it sent a chill down my spine. “Demagogue” and “Ockham’s Razor,” despite the foreboding titles, are generally happy songs. Really! Nevertheless, for hardcore that’s of a secret order, anything The Templars record should be part of a hardcore collection.

GMM Records, PO Box 15234, Atlanta, GA 30333

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