The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up

The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up

It’s Winter Here

Absolutely Kosher

I probably should, but I really don’t know who Jim Yoshii is, or why this band took that name. The songs start out with a soft, almost June Of 44 mellowness (the calm before the storm) and vocals that just calm your soul. There’s the build up into a wide wave of sound, shoegazing guitar spilling over the speakers, and then end. Sometimes there’s a slight call towards the minimal approach of Unrest, a guitar sound that sticks out, and then sometimes it drifts into a melodic harmony that brings to mind the poetic beauty of bands like The Spinanes or Karate, but even with all these threads of inspiration floating around, this band remains original and wonderful.

Absolutely Kosher, 417 Frederick St., San Francisco, CA 94117;

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