The Now Time Delegation

The Now Time Delegation

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Featuring the unique talents of punk-soul-funk guitarist Tim Kerr, The Now Time Delegation quickly race through a dozen fast and furious blasts of melodic noise, half of them NTD original and the other half engaging tributes to semi-obscure power soul players. Riding like a queen on a palanquin above the churning frenzy of the music is Lisa Kekaula’s powerful R&B voice, a deep and emotional wail that can also whisper in your ear in a sweet, erotic tickle. Worth noting: “Gettin’ The Corner,” an instrumental originally by the TSU Toronados, which sklilfully blends sprays of organ with ecstatic hand-claps on the chorus. King Floyd’s “Handle Me With Care” is a slower number, but no less electrifying than the other tracks here. Curtis Mayfield’s “Keep On Pushin'” is also given a whirl. The music here is an energetic sampling, and the band is as adept at writing music in their style as they are in taking standards and running them through their defibrillator. Party music to the max.

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