The future was never this fast or furious. I’m listening to Tipsy’s “Reverse Cowgirl,” and I’m struck by how quickly the mixture of faux Hawaiian, chickin’ pickin’, and cartoony sound effects seems to move, despite the somewhat midtempo beat that keeps everything in order. Typical Tipsy — it’s as if someone fed your Uncle Walt’s collection of lounge vinyl and Jetsons soundtracks into a digital tree chipper. There is a definite method to Tipsy’s slice-and-dice madness, and though the results are a bizarre blend of a mutant future that never happened and a lemony-fresh past that thought we’d be driving helicars to work by now, it manages to hang together as eminently danceable space Tiki. The song “Hey!” pitches a child’s exclamation against an advancing army of theremins, bells, and game show themes. Who wins? You, the listener.


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