The Mike and Nirav Show

The Mike and Nirav Show

A little explanation (which I am normally loath to give). This is the unedited transcript of a conversation between my friend Mike and I. We’re both going to NYU in the fall. We’re both film geeks (although this is the only context in which Mike is a geek…otherwise, he’s the paragon of cool). Carlyle is the name of the dorm I’ll be staying in. Mike is ‘jcuervo23’ and I am ‘Icefactory37’.

jcuervo23: carlye is far away from the school

IceFactory37: indeed.

IceFactory37: only like 10 blocks though.

IceFactory37: it’ll be good for the waistline.

jcuervo23: my building’s like across the street

jcuervo23: all my classes are at 721 Broadway

IceFactory37: yow.

IceFactory37: in the Tisch building?

IceFactory37: I’ve got 2 classes next door, at 719 Broadway

jcuervo23: i’m not sure what it is

jcuervo23: in fact, i believe the building is actually called “721

IceFactory37: yeah….it’s the Tisch building.

IceFactory37: you can always tell because of the cloud of cigarette
smoke that’s in front

jcuervo23: he he

jcuervo23: everyone in the village smokes

IceFactory37: indeed.

IceFactory37: gawd…it’s crazy.

jcuervo23: my roommate is from PA

IceFactory37: oh…all 3 of my suitemates are filmstudents

jcuervo23: i guess I should give him a call sometime

IceFactory37: have you been in contact with him?

jcuervo23: instruct him on what I want him to bring

IceFactory37: maybe…I wish they’d include email addresses.

jcuervo23: seriously

IceFactory37: lol…show him who’s boss early on.

IceFactory37: did you check out Begotten?

jcuervo23: what are you doing tomorrow night?

jcuervo23: i have

IceFactory37: don’t know yet.

jcuervo23: pretty much the day after you gave it to me

IceFactory37: what did you think?

jcuervo23: I have been meaning to get it back to you

jcuervo23: pretty wierd I’d say

IceFactory37: it’s really interesting…that cat’s from New York

jcuervo23: CUNY, right?

jcuervo23: not NYU

IceFactory37: I think so

jcuervo23: i am interested in seeing shadow of the vampire though

IceFactory37: I’ve heard conflicting things about it, but I’d like to see it too.

IceFactory37: saw The Score yesterday.

jcuervo23: but anyways, tomorrow night, i was thinking we’d watch
some films

jcuervo23: Katie bought me Battleship Potemkin on DVD

IceFactory37: sounds like a grand idea.

IceFactory37: yeah…she told me (-:

IceFactory37: we could watch that, along with ‘Touch of Evil’

jcuervo23: that;s cool

jcuervo23: have you seen 400 blows?

IceFactory37: yes, but the print that the video is from was pretty

IceFactory37: it’s fantastic.

jcuervo23: yeah, I have that one too

IceFactory37: oh…I’d love to watch a good print of it.

jcuervo23: but it has some sort of commentary on it, I thought we
may watch that

IceFactory37: that’d be cool.

IceFactory37: have you seen ‘Jules et Jim’?

IceFactory37: I’ve been meaning to see that one, along with ‘Stolen

jcuervo23: no

jcuervo23: but

jcuervo23: the blockbuster on 520 has a new “World Cinema” collection of DVD

jcuervo23: i saw Wild Chil

jcuervo23: Child

jcuervo23: Bagdad Cafe

IceFactory37: the library has ‘Jules et Jim’

IceFactory37: nice…don’t know Bagdad Cafe.

jcuervo23: Satellie?

jcuervo23: it’s considered Avant-garde

jcuervo23: i also saw Bannanas by Woody Allen

jcuervo23: I love Woody Allen

IceFactory37: probably Cocoa Beach….but you can have reference
bring it to whatever library you’re at.

jcuervo23: most people don’t like it

IceFactory37: I need to see more Woody Allen stuff, esp. Manhatten

jcuervo23: but i think he’s funny

jcuervo23: have that too

IceFactory37: really?

IceFactory37: I need to check that one out.

IceFactory37: brb

jcuervo23: i think Manhattan so far is my favorite

IceFactory37: oh….the Vero theater is showing a film by Jafar
Panahi called ‘The Circle’

IceFactory37: Panahi did a film called ‘The White Balloon

IceFactory37: ‘, which I dearly love

jcuervo23: hmm

IceFactory37: he’s part of a new wave of really interesting Iranian

jcuervo23: what else did he do

jcuervo23: that name sounds familiar

IceFactory37: I think that’s pretty much it…have I sent you the list of interesting movies at the library?

jcuervo23: the mirror

IceFactory37: that’s Tarkovsky

IceFactory37: that’s a fucking *amazing* movie….god, I’ve never
seen anything like it.

IceFactory37: how much Altman have you seen?

jcuervo23: Dr. T and the Women

IceFactory37: what did you think>

jcuervo23: ok

jcuervo23: oh and the Player

jcuervo23: which I thought was really good

IceFactory37: I haven’t seen anything….I really want to
see ‘Nashville’ and ‘McCabe + Mrs. Miller’

IceFactory37: a teacher at Satellite really recommended The Player

jcuervo23: film books talk about it all the time

jcuervo23: oh, get this

IceFactory37: aha…you

IceFactory37: ‘re right…Panahi did do a movie called ‘The Mirror’

jcuervo23: I was looking through my childhood film collection and I
found transformer the movie

IceFactory37: nice….

IceFactory37: I remember that that movie made me cry…can’t
remember why.

jcuervo23: Orsen Welles, Lenard Nimoy and Judd Nelson were in it

IceFactory37: whoa.

jcuervo23: i never realized that

jcuervo23: have you ever seen Big Trouble in Little China

IceFactory37: nope.

jcuervo23: that was my all time favorite childhood movie

jcuervo23: i watched it everyday from the ages of 3 to 7

IceFactory37: really? yeah…I missed out on a lot of kids films

IceFactory37: gawd.

jcuervo23: i just found out it was directed by John Carpenter

IceFactory37: that’s a lot of watchining…

jcuervo23: it’s not really a kids film

jcuervo23: more like fantasy action

jcuervo23: it’s very comic book

jcuervo23: the lines are cheesy

jcuervo23: but I think it’s great

IceFactory37: I haven’t seen any of the John Hughes
stuff….Sixteen Candles, all of that buisness.

jcuervo23: neither have I

IceFactory37: lol….I thought I was the only one.

jcuervo23: I just spent 7 hours watching Seven Samurai

IceFactory37: did you watch it twice through?

IceFactory37: man…I need to see that one too…along with

jcuervo23: well, it’s a 3.5 hour long movie and then there is a

jcuervo23: very interesting commentary

IceFactory37: who does the commentary?

jcuervo23: some japanese film aficianado and distributor

jcuervo23: but it told me a lot about japanese culture

IceFactory37: oh….if you get a chance, check out this Japanese
film called ‘Branded to Kill’…it’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen.

jcuervo23: and how meticulous Akira Kurosawa was

jcuervo23: that’s a great name

jcuervo23: i want to name my kid Akira Kurosawa

IceFactory37: I want to name my kid Alexander the Great.

IceFactory37: they’ll have a dog named Bucephalus.

jcuervo23: or Dante: Destroyer of Cities

jcuervo23: the epitaph is included with the legal name

IceFactory37: yeah….that or Faust.

IceFactory37: it has to be, there’s no other way.

jcuervo23: I am William Blake

IceFactory37: ‘I am William Blake, have you read my poetry?’

jcuervo23: names are so great

IceFactory37: yes!!! That’s my favorite part of that movie!

jcuervo23: i think it defines the character

IceFactory37: very much so…I think that moment is very
complicated…I don’t know if I’ve got to the bottom is it.

IceFactory37: I think that line is related to the one where Nobody tells Blake, that if he uses the gun too much, he’ll lose his ability to write poetry

jcuervo23: i told you about the indian in Ghost Dog, right?

IceFactory37: the moment where Blake says ‘I am William Blake, have
you read my poetry?’ is a realization that gun violence *is* the American form of poetry.

jcuervo23: definately

IceFactory37: i think that entire movie is a complex critique of
American culture set in the model of the western…I love Jarmusch twists this model, of the Western we have.

IceFactory37: Gary Farmer…yeah….’Stupid Fucking white man’ is
another great line….it comes up again in Ghost Dog, right?

jcuervo23: he always does great pieces on culture like that

jcuervo23: yep

IceFactory37: I love it. the Satellite blockbuster has a DVD of
Stranger Than Paradise.

jcuervo23: so does 520

IceFactory37: have you watched it?

jcuervo23: it was the first DVD i rented as an employee

jcuervo23: it’s funny

jcuervo23: right after Seven Samurai was released in Japan

IceFactory37: it’s great…all of the Beach stuff was filmmed in
Cocoa Beach I think.

jcuervo23: we come out with the Magnificent Seven

IceFactory37: no…I think it’s Melb. Beach.

jcuervo23: Melbourne Beach

IceFactory37: it’s funny how cultures feed off each other.

jcuervo23: in the seven Samurai, a farming village hires seven
samurai to protect the village

IceFactory37: I want to see all of Seizuki Seijin’s (Branded to
Kill) movies

jcuervo23: in Magnificent seven, a mexican peasant town hires seven
gun fighters

IceFactory37: the Indian film industry does a LOT of that…Raj
Kapoor (I think it was him) created a very Chaplin-esque charcter in Shree 420

jcuervo23: if I ever get a chance to do a film thesis, I would like
to compare and contrast Seven Samurai with the Magnificent Seven

IceFactory37: that’d be a great idea.

jcuervo23: in fact, I should have done that for my extended essay

IceFactory37: have you seen the new version of Psycho?

jcuervo23: but I doubt anyone would understand

IceFactory37: yeah…what did you end up doing yr extended essay on?

jcuervo23: nah, I heard it was lousy so I naver bothered

jcuervo23: The McClellan Commitee and the motivation of RFK to
Persue Jimmy Hoffa

IceFactory37: nice.

IceFactory37: where’d you get the idea?

jcuervo23: divine intervention

IceFactory37: awesome.

IceFactory37: hey…would you mind if I post this conversation on
Ink19 as my column?

jcuervo23: actually, I was going to do how the change of america’s
society (blue collar to white collar) caused the demise of
organized crime

jcuervo23: sure

jcuervo23: do you think you should organize it a bit

IceFactory37: that’s a pretty broad subject…

IceFactory37: naw…it’s interesting as it is.

jcuervo23: well

IceFactory37: I might…I owe Matthew a column, and it’s been hard
to find time to finish this Brando thing.

IceFactory37: oh….did you see The Score?

jcuervo23: i trashed my original topic since I had theories but not
much evidence

jcuervo23: with brando and DeNiro?

IceFactory37: yep.

jcuervo23: no

jcuervo23: and I am upset that I have not

jcuervo23: i completely forgot about it until you reminded me it

IceFactory37: it’s pretty interesting…I enjoyed it….Edward
Norton is allright in it.

jcuervo23: I saw it on a poster and said “I need to see that movie”

IceFactory37: see…I would have figured you’d have seen it by
now…Brando’s great in it.

jcuervo23: I like it when Mentors and disicples act together

IceFactory37: a lot of people knock Brando, but I still think he’s

jcuervo23: and I love Edward Norton

jcuervo23: he pretty much started the idea of method acting

IceFactory37: he does a good job here.

IceFactory37: he really popularized it.

IceFactory37: have you seen ‘Streetcar Named Desire’?

jcuervo23: of course

jcuervo23: from that movie, since Brando didn’t wear an undershirt
in it, undershirt sales dropped 40%

jcuervo23: and pretty much went out of style

IceFactory37: it’s so great….you’ve got both acting styles in
it…the very classical, theatrical acting of….fuclk…forgot her
named…and then the hyper-naturalism of Brando.

IceFactory37: that’s too bizarre…I head that when Jackie Chan
married, 30 women in China kille themselves

jcuervo23: I think I liked the film version of streetcar better
than the play

IceFactory37: I

jcuervo23: now that is unusual

IceFactory37: ‘ve never seen it on stage.

IceFactory37: that’s only what I’ve heard…it’s probably grossly

jcuervo23: no body yells “Stella” like Marlon Brando

IceFactory37: lol…very true.

IceFactory37: what a voice!

IceFactory37: allright man….I’ve gotta split…I’m hitting the
gym with some friends soon…give me a call tomorrow, and we’ll see
what’s going on.

jcuervo23: you know what movie I am suprised never really hit it
that big, Keeping the Faith

jcuervo23: sounds good

jcuervo23: don’t hurt yourself

IceFactory37: I

IceFactory37: ‘ll try not to.

IceFactory37: Take care!

jcuervo23: bye bye

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