Always the other girl

Always the other girl

this wasnt and isnt fair. not at all. maybe i shouldent say anything but i think that leaves too much i guess up in the air, but there isnt really anything i can say. your letter left me with two say everythings fine and to get backto gethor, or to 2. be really mean. but im not going to be mean, so i already know that this is a pointless letter to write back. im not the winner. dont say that its not true. im not better than anything. if through caring about people makes me superior to somthing than im sorry. but im not. i dont know what to say at all. i hope that sometime before one of us leaves for college or whatever,that enough times passes where we can be friends. sorry if you didnt want to hear that. i hate writing email’s cause i always end up fucking things up in them because im a pretty terrible writer, but probally talking would have messed things up worse maybe. i dont even really know what to say anymore, ive thought about this for like 2 days straight now, and this is the best i can come up with, pretty sad huh. i never wanted us to end like this. i dont know how to end this letter really with out saying what you wrote that you didnt want to hear

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