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What could be cooler or cuter than a Japanese style super-deformed action figure (or action doll, as the box art proclaims) of Enid Coleslaw, the heroine of Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World. The box art alone is worth the price, but the figure is just super cool. OK, the figure really doesn’t look like Clowes’ drawings, or like Thora Birch, but captures Enid’s wry personality perfectly. The box art proclaims it’s Enid as a little girl, fair enough. If you’re really into Ghost World or really into weird funky toys, be sure to track one of these down at your local comic store or online.


Speaking of comic book stores, the Playmates Toys Simpsons line has produced The Android’s Dungeon Comic Book Store in plastic, along with its bitter, rotund unnamed owner. Like all of these Simpsons toys, the figure and the environment are dead on likenesses, and to make the pot even sweeter, the figures talk. The Comic Book Guy utters such zingers as “Oh a sarcasm detector, that’s a really useful invention,” but the best is Homer’s timeless exclamation, “Are you sure this is a sci-fi convention? It’s full of nerds!”

OK. Pop quiz. Who’s cooler than Bruce Lee? No one! I mean, he made four moves and is still one of the biggest stars in the world. Who else has been cloned after their death? Did Hollywood have James Deen and James Dien start making movies after James Dean died? No. Would Geffen Records have put out records by Curt Kobain? Don’t think so. But Bruce Le, Bruce Li, and several other Bruce Lee clones took over worldwide movie screens for a decade after the Dragon’s death. Recently, in the wake of the adult toy explosion, several companies have begun making Bruce Lee toys. In fact, Bruce Lee is one of the hotter toy licenses. The coolest of these new toys is in the form of the Bruce Lee Kubricks. They have nothing to do with the late film director, but rather think “cube brick.” This is a Japanese toy line that is sort of a cross between Legos and Playmobil. They have several figure sets based on anime, Planet of the Apes, The Blair Witch Project, and now, Bruce Lee. The set features the Dragon in three outfits with great facial expressions and little weapons. Cool, man, cool.,,

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