Alto Heceta/Speed Of Sauce

Alto Heceta/Speed Of Sauce

Split EP

Synaptic Tactic

This is a split CD EP between Alto Heceta and Speed Of Sauce. Alto Heceta reminds me a bit of early Sunny Day Real Estate. Their songs on this disc are good, but are lacking a certain quality to make them really memorable. I am not sure if it•s the melody or the mix or what. On the other hand, Speed Of Sauce has a fresh sound that, combined with their lead singer sounding a bit like Bono or Thom Yorke, makes for interesting listening. Especially on the second track they contribute, •Your Voice,• these guys sound a bit like Radiohead circa The Bends. Beyond that, the band•s sound is much tighter and focused, while the playing has a certain strength and power to it. At only three tracks each, it•s difficult to get a complete picture of the strengths of these bands, but I would definitely be interested in hearing more from Speed Of Sauce.,,

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