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Arling And Cameron

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“Two fruits from a musical tree” prophesy Arling and Cameron on the title track here, shortly after they reveal the formula for the “A&C Mix.” I’m having a hard time thinking of a dance-oriented act these days that displays the sort of inventiveness Gerry Arling and Richard Cameron infuse into their work. Generally upbeat and cheery, almost to a fault, Arling And Cameron’s music never fails to plaster a grin on my face and twitch and nod.

This full-length excursion — fourteen tracks total — stays in the middle range of tempo, with a couple of notable exceptions. “Dirty Robot” is a classic tale of human-machine love, and when the electronic voice declares “my body needs you,” you get the feeling that this is a very naughty robot. “B.B. Electro” is brassy, with a seemingly interminable sequence of horn stabs in constant argument with an octavely oscillating synth line. The closing “Don’t You Fuck,” exactly a minute long, is about as aggro as A&C are likely to get, with an exotically-accented young lady repeatedly declaring “don’t you fucking fuck with me” amidst the power riffing. Swank!

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