Cadillac Blindside

Cadillac Blindside

The Allegory of Death and Fame

Fueled By Ramen

The first time I listened to this EP, I thought, “Wow, this sucks.” But the second time around wasn’t that bad. The album is six songs worth of emo-punk about failed relationships. It’s the sort of music that I pop into the car CD player, drive to Wal-Mart, drive to the beach, then realize that the CD has played three times and I just totally tuned it out. I think that the songs come from old tapes, so the lack of sound quality is obvious. A few parts break up the fuzzy guitars and whiny emo boy singing, including a nice little piano interlude and drum solo towards the end. Not bad, just not especially innovative.

Fueled By Ramen, PO Box 12563, Gainesville, FL 32604; • Cadillac Blindside, PO Box 80016, Minneapolis, MN 55408;

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